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Overring bufferpool size to start the database

If you add a new bufferpool or resize one you can have problems to start the database if the total memory used is bigger than the available memory of your system. You can also face this problem if you need to migrate a database to a new environment with less memory than the original.

Set up the parameter below to override the bufferpools size:
db2set DB2_OVERRIDE_BPF=5000 (you can choose another value, it must be compatible with the available memory)

Doing it you will override all bufferpools if you want to change just an specific bufferpool you should include the bufferpool ID

db2set DB2_OVERRIDE_BPF=1,5000;3,2000

After that you can start the database and correct the problem (dropping the created bufferpool or resizing it).
Do not forget to turn off the parameter:

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