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What are the Restrictions for HADR ?

What are the Restrictions for high availability disaster recovery (HADR)

  •  HADR is not supported in a partitioned database environment.
  •  The primary and standby databases must have the same operating system
    version and the same version of the DB2 database system, except for a short
    time during a rolling upgrade.
  •  The DB2 database system release on the primary and standby databases must be
    the same bit size (32 or 64 bit).
  •  Reads on the standby database are not supported. Clients cannot connect to the
    standby database.
  •  Log archiving can only be performed by the current primary database.
    Self Tuning Memory Manager (STMM) can be run only on the current primary
  •  Backup operations are not supported on the standby database.
  •  Non-logged operations, such as changes to database configuration parameters
    and to the recovery history file, are not replicated to the standby database.
  •  Load operations with the COPY NO option specified are not supported.
  •  Use of Data Links is not supported.
  •  HADR does not support the use of raw i/o (direct disk access) for database log
    files. If HADR is started via the START HADR command, or the database is
    activated (restarted) with HADR configured, and raw logs are detected, the
    associated command will fail.
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