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Information about DB2: Problem Resolution, How To, Articles, DB2 Chats and Hints

How To's

This topic contains hints and procedures step by step about how to do DBA tasks on DB2 Database.

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Problem Resolution

Step-by-Step to fix the DB2 Databases errors: Errors - Causes - Investigation - Resolution

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DB2 UDB v9

This topic aims to cover 'what´s new' in DB2 v9 for LUW.

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This topic aims to cover how to fix problem on DB2 Multi-Partitioned.

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Useful Unix and Linux Commands

DB2 problem determination using UNIX and Linux commands and utilities

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DB2 Materials

Documents about DB2 UDB to you learn and study

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Scripts DB2

Scripts to execute a serie of DB2 Tasks

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DB2 tools

Important tools for troubleshooting

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Variables without documentation on InfoCenter


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db2 not startint after license add

by joao lopes neto — 2010-11-10 10:23

After install license in db2 , db2start no load

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Save current db cfg from all your DBs to separate files.

A useful script you can use to keep track of you actual db configuration before migrating to another version of DB2.

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SSH passing password from script.

Sometimes you want to automate the execution of commands on each DB2 server you own from a computer where there is no db2 client installed. Here is a little trick showing you how to do it.

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i am not getting how to set up federation in db2 linux between two databases in single instacne

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how to migrate from one version to another version of db2

please provide technical documentation of migration

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