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DB2 for LUW V9.7 Announced

by Vinícius Perallis last modified 2011-08-02 18:34

IBM announced DB2 "Cobra", the next release of DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW), V9.7 on April 22.





  • Compression for indexes
  • Automatic compression for temporary tables
  • Inling and compression for LOBs
  • Compression of XML data


 Partitioning & Administration


  • Local indexes for partitioned tables
  • Greater utilities support for partitioned tables
  • Reorganize partitions without taking database down (easily add a node while the database is online)
  • Easier reclaiming of storage and more flexible automatic storage support
  • Quick and easy movement of a table within a database
  • Easier messaging and alerts with pre-written packages for administration scripting
  • Improved automatic statistics collection
  • Easy column renaming and data type changes without downtime
  • Create Or Replace syntax
  • Truncate table command


XML Enhancements


  • Compression of XML data (and of course compression of XML indexes)
  • Support for native XML data with hash partitioning (database partitioning) for warehouse scaling of XML
  • Support for native XML data with range partitioning (table partitioning)
  •  Support for native XML data with multi-dimensional clustering
  •  Support for native XML data in database views (ie. improved SQL access to XML data)
  •  Support for native XML data in user-defined functions
  •  Support for native XML data in global declared temporary tables
  •  Enhanced diagnostics for XML parsing and schema validation errors
  •   New system-supplied functions and stored procedures for working with native XML data




  • Separation of duties allowing DBAs full control of database without any access to the actual data
  • AES encryption, Transport layer Security and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) client support
  • Transparent LDAP support


Workload Management & Monitoring


  • Time-based controls for workload management
  • Improved tooling
  • Waterfall controls for workload management
  • More granularity of control gives more flexibility in controlling and prioritizing workloads
  • Integration with Linux WLM
  • Increased monitoring granularity and metrics for easier performance tuning & identifying system bottlenecks
  • Quick lock debugging
  • Buffer pool prioritization


Developer Productivity


  •  New currently committed locking behavior to increase concurrency and help ensure readers and writers don't block each other
  •  Statement concentrator allows statements without parameter markers to not be recompiled
  •  Re-use of old access plans across fixpak updates or system changes to give more predictable performance
  •  Support for packages & new pre-written packages to make development easier (PUT_LINE and others)
  •  New SQL functions, including functions for string and date manipulation
  •  New data types such as NUMBER, VARCHAR2, expanded DATE and more
  •  Expanded support for easy casting between data types
  •  Public aliases and private aliases for modules and sequences
  •  Default parameter values and assignment of parameter values by name
  •  Boolean, cursor, row and array data type support in procedures
  •  Python support for DB2


Warehouse Enhancement


  • Scan sharing for multiple table scans
  • Enhanced cubing engine
  • Integration of Cubing Services with Cognos, BOBJ, MS Office and more
  • Extension of Cubing Services into Business Performance and Finance applications
  • Simplified mining and analytics


Below, the link to IBM official announcement :

DB2 Cobra

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