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Creating backup images

How to create backup images of your database, under Unix servers

To create simple backup images, perform the following command:

db2 backup database <db_name>

It will create a backup image file at the current directory the command was issued, in case of the command completes successfully. You need to have sysadm, sysctrl or sysmaint authorization to perform a backup operation.

To create an online backup image, use the following command:

db2 backup database <db_name> online to </backup_filesystem>

If you want to do a backup and the target file system is made up of multiple physical disks, perform the following command:

db2 backup database <db_name> to </backup_filesystem>, </backup_filesystem>, </backup_filesystem>

The data will be concurrently backed up to the three target directories, and three backup images will be generated with extensions .001, .002, and .003.

If you need further information about backups and backing up a database, you should visit the web-site:
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