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Connection exceptions : multiple JDBC connections

Diagnosing system connection exceptions when trying to establish multiple JDBC connections (AIX)

1 Message error

You have trouble viewing objects in the Server View and experience system
connection exceptions such as: [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1224N
A database agent could not be started to service a request, or was terminated
as a result of a database system shutdown or a force command.

2 Cause

    The number of JDBC connections is limited by the number of shared memory segments to which a single process can be attached. By default, AIX does not permit 32-bit applications to attach to more than 11 shared memory segments per process, of which a maximum of 10 can be used for local DB2 connections. Development center requires multiple JDBC connections.

The EXTSHM environment variable must be configured for multiple JDBC connections.

3 Action

To resolve this issue if you are using AIX version 4.3.1 or newer, set set the
environment variable EXTSHM to ON to increase the number of shared memory
segments to which a single process can be attached. EXTSHM must be exported
both in the shell where the client application is started and also in the shell where
db2start is run. To configure the EXTSHM environment variable for multiple JDBC

1. In client sessions, before starting the client application, type the following

export EXTSHM=ON

2. Before starting the DB2 server, type the following commands:

export EXTSHM=ON


db2set -all

3. Add the following lines to the sql/db2profile:

export EXTSHM

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