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HADR error SQL1768N Unable to start HADR Reason code = "7"


This document describes possible causes for error SQL1768N RC = 7 when starting a standby server as primary.


SQL1768N Unable to start HADR. Reason code = "7".

Resolving the problem

If you set up HADR without errors, but receive SQL1768N when you try to change the standby server to be the primary, check the following:

1. Verify that both machines at the same operating system level and db2level.
2. Check that the backup command used to restore on the standby machine
(from primary) does not use the WITHOUT ROLLING FORWARD option.
3. Verify the /etc/hosts and /etc/services configuration to ensure that both machines can ping each other.
4. Ensure that both machines use IP addresses, and not hostnames.
5. Ensure that the firewall is set to allow the connection

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