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DB2 Instance Down

DB2 Instance Down for some reason

1 Error message

SQL1032N  No start database manager command was issued.  SQLSTATE=57019

2 Possible causes:

a) someone/some routine issued "db2stop"

db2diag.log will show messages as:

2008-03-24- I9769A383          LEVEL: Event
PID     : 8598                 TID  : 1           PROC : db2stop2
INSTANCE: udb0                 NODE : 000
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, base sys utilities, DB2StopMain, probe:104

b) db2 processes where removed from O.S:

In this case, there will be no message at db2diag.log.

c) Fatal error on DB2

db2diag.log will show messages as:

2008-03-24- I9769A383          LEVEL: Fatal

3 Investigating

Before restart the instance, check if there are remaining O.S processes or memory segments:

ps -ef |grep db2sy |grep <instance owner>
ipcs |grep <instance owner>

Archive db2diag.log for further investigation (this is important when the server has a Fatal Error): db2diag -archive

4 Resolution

Restart instance:


Monitor db2 start at db2diag.log:

tail -f db2diag.log

Activate all database:

db2 activate database <db>

Check tablespace status:

db2 "list tablespaces |grep Tablespace | wc -l"

must be the same as

db2 "list tablespaces |grep Normal|wc -l"

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