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Locking errors

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How you fix problem related with Locks on DB2 Databases

Lock Wait and Lock timeout

An application that makes a request for a lock that is not compatible with the existing locks on the object, or a lock request not already satisfied will be placed into a lock request pending queue. The lock request will continue to be held for the waiting application until either timeout period is exceeded or a deadlock is the cause of the result.

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Applications getting Lock Timeout errors

SQL0911N The current transaction has been rolled back because of a deadlock or timeout

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Dlconn for event monitor DB2DETAILDEADLOCK - MAXLOCKS

Dlconn for event monitor DB2DETAILDEADLOCK truncated by 134065 bytes! Deadlock ID: 25 Participant:1 Original locks in list: 807. Redefine the event monitor, increasing the BUFFERSIZE by 33 pages. Increase DIAGLEVEL to 4 to see the truncated Locks in this log. Set MAXLOCKS parameter to 98 to fix this problem

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Lock Internal Plan X

Deadlocks and Lock timeout are caused by LOCKs Internal Plan (X)

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