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Sysbase commands

The most commons Sysbase administrator commands

Description command
View the server options
Update server options
sp_configure 'option_name', new_value
Display active servers or instances
showserver (executed from UNIX shell)
Access server or instance
isql -Uuser  -Ppswd -Sserver
Access database
use  dbname
List databases in server or instance
List devices or files used by the databases
Find space used or available space
sp_helpdb dbname or sp_helpsegment segname or sp_spaceused
List database tables
List table characteristics
sp_help tablename
List source for stored procedures
sp_helptext procname
Administer security
grant revoke sp_helpuser sp_addlogin sp_adduser sp_addalias sp_dropalias sp_dropuser sp_droplogin sp_addgroup sp_helpgroup sp_changegroup sp_password
Start a server or instance startserver -fsrvr_name (from UNIX shell)
Backup database
dump database  db_name  to '/path/file'
Restore database
load database  db_name from '/path/file'
Export a text file from a table
bcp  table_name  out filename
for example:
bcp dbase..tab1  out   tab1.dat -S DBSERV1 -U someuser -P somepasswd -c > /dev/null
Load a text file into a table
bcp table_name in filename
for example:
bcp dbase..tab1  in   tab1.dat -S DBSERV2 -U someuser -P somepasswd -c > /dev/null
List connected users
Kill connected users
kill  spid_number
Generate DDLs

Security Awareness
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